By inviting participants to engage in meaningful conversations, YPI aims to replace stereotypes with understanding and trust.
*** COVID-19 Note: Due to the global pandemic and the consequent need for social distancing, a YPI team comprised of YPI youth graduates, police officers, and YPI trainers created online versions of our Youth and Police Initiative (YPI) and of our YPI Train-the-trainers Model.


Choice Exercise, Milwaukee, WI - photo courtesy of the Zeidler Group


Local youth and police officers engage in discussions, games, and role plays to build their public speaking and facilitation skills, get to know each other on a personal level, and learn from each other.

The YPI training is highly structured yet based on a great level of participants’ involvement.
Participating youth receive a stipend at graduation for their time and contributions to the success of the program.
Up to 15 youth, up to 8 officers engage in five 2.5 hour sessions
Up to 8 youth, up to 5 officers engage in six 2 hour sessions


YPI graduation, Milwaukee WI, photo courtesy of the Zeidler Group


Over the course of four YPI trainings, this licensed approach aims at certifying a local team of up to six trainers to lead their own YPIs at the end of their training.

The trainer candidates will receive additional preparation and training as a part of the program to focus on their skill development.
YPI requires all certified training teams to use its copyrighted training manual and survey instruments to maintain fidelity to the approach.


YPI graduation Dinner, Milwaukee, WI, photo courtesy of the Zeidler Group


Research has shown the importance of long-term commitments and recommends sustaining positive relationships between youth and officers.

For this reason, along with continued involvement with local law enforcement, YPI has partnered with different organizations throughout the years to co-create and offer follow-up programming such as: youth summits, mentoring programs, leadership training, youth facilitation workshops, and arts focused programs.
The YPI team works with each community to adapt YPI programs to strengthen neighborhood relationships.
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